Saturday, June 8, 2019

I LOVE June!

Summer and June.  What could be better?

We have had graduations, Sam from College, a Criminal Justice major, and soon to Law School:

With David and Sarah, the proud parents

And Jay and me, the grandparents who got to go too,

And John, who graduated from High School, hopefully off to the Job Corps

and parents, Amy and Tom

and the grands, who got to go as well.

The brother and sister were proud of him too - Tom and Erin 

And then there was Erin's Nick, (she graduated last year), a Mechanical Engineer, off to work for the Government (torpedo something?)

And finally, Oli, (the great grandchild!) who graduated from Kindergarten,

Now the parties begin..........Sam's is today.  We are saving our appetites!!!!!!!!!!