Friday, May 1, 2009

Down Memory Lane

There is a story involved here. My eldest DS got aJohn Deere tractor for Christmas the year he was three. It was from my parents, and we were at their house for the holidays. that morning, he stood at the top of the stairs and could see it with a big RED bow. He yelled, "Hey Grampa! Wait'll you see the son-of-a-gun-of-a-big-tractor santa brought me!". Since then, that's what we have always called them. I think this would be a perfect card for him, even though he's 44 now!

An Adventure!

This is Jake, my 9 and 3/4 year old grandson. He and I had quite an adventure yesterday! His mother had an away meet of her Track Team, and Dad was in a meeting, so Buppa (his Grandfather, my DH) was to pick him up at the end of school. A call came for Buppa to tutor, so Mimi (that's me) went to get him. He forgot.....and got on the bus. I panicked when he didn't show up, and went to the office, where they contacted his teacher (who lost his note, and also forgot!). They gave me directions to find the bus, and 20 minutes later, we found each other. PHEW! as we were walking to my car, he started to cry, and as I rushed to comfort him, I tripped over his rolling book tote, and made a perfect 3 point landing (both hands and one knee). Now he really was upset, but I told him I was fine, and we left. I thought to make up for the things that had gone wrong we would get an icecream sundae, but when we got to the DQ, it was mobbed. So....back to my house, where I made Jake a sundae of: butter crunch, choc. sauce, sprinkles, swedish Fish, and caramel. I, on the other hand, had a glass of wine. What an adventure! Today I am sore in places I didn't know I had. I hope to play after my dental appt this AM. Have a great day if this is my only post!!!