Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Simple Things

I was really reminded about enjoying the simple things in life this morning when I got a phone call from my daughter. She was on her way to work, so we had about ten minutes to catch up. I am not a person who likes to talk on the telephone, but I sure love to hear from my kids. Their lives are so busy.......we don't get together as much as we used to, so a conversation one on one is fabulous!!
My card for the Color Challenge today is not one of my best efforts. I just noticed the small punching got stuck a little. I wanted to do a splash of pumpkin on one of the words, and forgot to do it. I hope this is not an indication of how my day is going to go.
Had a beauty of a migraine last night......guess we are in for the rain a lot of you have been getting. Our garden has exploded into lovely color, and some rain would be welcome (just not a week of it!)
I feel like I'm back into the life I left before our vacation....and I'm going to try to follow the simple life for the summer. Hugs to you all.