Monday, November 2, 2009

Projects for kids - Thanksgiving

I spent a frustrating morning trying to do the new technique. No good. I should have given up in the beginning, because I broke my CB!! DH took it apart, and the white metal had broken. Totally unfixable!! SOB!!

After I got over the fact I had ruined my cb, I started some projects for Thanksgiving, and thought I would show them to you for your constructive criticism (or even NON-constructive!)While the grands are waiting for dinner to be ready, I usually have some crafty thing for them to do. In past years, they have traced everyone's hands and made a book; they have colored turkeys; they have done mazes and word searches; they have made marshmallow and apple turkeys, etc. The kids range in age from 15 to 8, so it has to be something they can all do.

This year they will make candy place cards for each other, and for the accordian tag booklet, each person will get to write their name, age, and what they are thankful for. I have left enough tags for all the adults too (this year, my eldest son and family will be in FL, so there will only be 11 of us.). This will be part of the Centerpiece on the table. I think it will be fun. PLMK what you think too. Thanks.

Here are the tags I made for everyone to write their names and what they are thankful for, and we'll start with the youngest.These are the little patterns I made for the candy-place holders for the kids to make for the table. I think they're easy enough for them to make in a few minutes, even with the time it takes to eat a few pieces!