Monday, December 30, 2013

Monday Challenges

Grandson John hit the hot tub bright and early this morning.  Very cold, but not to kids, I guess.  Mom and I made two cards, one for the Clean and Simple, and one for Technique (shaker).  Now, I'm going to show you both of them, but please forget them soon, as one or both of them may be off to you in the near future.

This is a simple case of Jen's card with a row of little bunny bottoms, which I did in white emboss, and added a simple knotted ribbon and a teeny cotton ball.

Here is the shaker card, which is filled with green and gold glass beads.  I haven't made a shaker in a long time, and had forgotten how extremely messy they can be all over the room.

Now remember what I said ......... look, and then forget!!