Tuesday, February 2, 2010

DDC and CC all in ONE! Plus some MMTPT79 Humor!

Good Morning, all. I got a chance to combine my challenges into one card today. The CC is to use curry, burgundy, and basic gray, a neutral, and script for dessert. Got them all in.

The Doubledog Dare Challenge (after all it IS Tuesday) is hosted this week by Julia(artystamper), who DARED us to make a flower following Mercy's tutorial here:http://lordhavemercy-mercykerin.blogspot.com/2010/01/paper-flower-tutorial.html

Please feel free to join us, and put DDC in your keyword so we can enjoy it!! The tutorial is wonderful ... I'll be doing this again, but NOT to mail. It's a little too thick, but it is gorgeous!!


And now for a little humor! THe MMTPT79 Challenge today involves a little cow who wants to be a stunt cow, but his size doesn't cut it. He tried jumping over the moon and got stuck! But there is a happy ending to this story .....he has gotten some acting roles that were previously played by bigger cows trying to act younger. At the moment he has the lead in a remake of Charlotte's Web, and in some lucrative commercials for Aflac and Geico. Just proves that size CAN make a difference. he has a girlfriend who adores him, and can be seen walking the RED carpet at every opening!!! Please join us for the silly fun and put MMTPT79 in your keyword.