Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hot Metal Trendy Trees

Hot Metal refers to an know, that appliance that sits in the closet and is only taken out for crafting??? Every time I take out mine out, my DH goes into gales of laughter..he knows it's only for making cards! (If I didn't use it this way, I would throw the darn thing out!!) the WT today is to use this hunk of metal in some way. I chose waxed paper resist. Joanne mentioned using a cb folder instead of crumpling up the waxed paper, so I tried it, and I LOVE the results!!!
Birds and Swirls is the folder I used, and I think it makes for a very interesting bg. I had this all done except for the brads, and had to hot-foot it out to the Dr. this AM (another something surgically removed) without finishing. I am back for the day, thinking I may browbeat my DH into going out for lunch. Whaddayathink???
Have a wonderful Spring day! (Aren't we lucky we don't live in North Dakota!)