Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Double Trouble!

Mom went home yesterday afternoon after Triple A came and started her car. Dead battery. She got home okay, and called me to let me know. We had great fun as usual, and now we can both rest up!!

Speedy the Cat is trouble!! He causes Faith all kinds of problems, makes messes all over the house playing with her craft supplies, and generally casing mayhem! She needs a break, and needs to send him to Kitties for a few days.

Speedy loves to prowl around Faith's garden (Did you notice not one single weed??? Mark and Markie spend hours taking care of it for her). Speedy chases butterflies, watches the ants, and catches small bugs of all kinds. However: he is afraid of SNAILS!
Markie knew just how to get Speedy to go to Kittie's........he found a giant snail, and there goes Speedy! Enjoy your vacation from everything he does, Faith!! Watch out Kittie! You don't know what you're in for!!

This is also for the CC today. Thanks so much Betty for these wonderful colors.....especially the RUBY RED! I can't believe these colors will be retiring! *sob*. Thanks for looking today!