Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sam's Last Cards, and mine for today too!

Today is Sam's last day at Camp Grandma. She'll be back when her schedule allows. Today these are the cards we made for the SC at SCS. Great Grandma is having a tooth pulled tomorrow, and we think she'll need some cheering up. Do you think these will do the trick????????

We have done a few things like go out to eat, and stop in Michael's, and play games of cards, and YAHTZEE (which is the BIG thing here!). Sam wants me to tell you about our YAHTZEE games.............. Yesterday we had six or seven Yahtzees, and did we ever laugh! We just couldn't believe it!!! We were so shocked that Sam had to call her Dad at work to tell him (and he said he didn't think he'd had that many in his whole life!!). Since it's raining, we may have to do it some more!!

Today it's not just raining, it's coming down really hard. We planned to go shopping, but if the rain doesn't stop, we may have to eat popcorn and candy all day. Oh! TOO BAD!!!!

Thanks for looking at Sam's cards and your comments. She sure gets a kick out of them. Seeya!