Sunday, March 27, 2011

Good Day/Bad Day

On the left is my card casing the Featured Stamper today. There's a story that goes with it, of course!

Elaine's card is called "Goth Girl". That got me off to my craft room looking for my goth girl image. I looked everywhere, and when I didn't find it, I remembered I never bought it! DUH! But I DID have a stamp by the same company (Stampotique) that was really weird, so I used that. The next time I see the goth girl, you can bet I'm coming home with it.

Now........that wasn't so awful, but here's the good/bad:

The ads this morning had a chair at Target that would be perfect for my room, especially since I have finally made space so Mom and I could work together. DH said he'd take me tomorrow, then changed his mind, and we were there at the store when it opened. Got two chairs. Yay.

Came home, made my card, and the printer died. DH was NOT HAPPY! My camera card worked fine so I could upload, but we couldn't copy the Sunday puzzles. He tried the fax, but the slippery paper just crunched up. He went to Staples to get a new 4 in one, and they weren't open. NOT HAPPY! He went especially because their A2 envies are $5.00!! (Run to Staples!), and I wanted 5 boxes. He has put together one of the chairs, and it's perfect! ($17.00!! WOW!), and gone back to Staples. I hope he comes home happy this time!!

That's my song and dance, and the longest blog I have ever posted. If you get this far, I hope you get a new chair and some envies! Have a great day.

Addendum: He called from Staples, and I had to go there with my camera card to be sure he had the right printer........he said he wasn't making a third trip!!