Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Charming Bunny

I really liked the sketch today, and thought it was about time I focused on another holiday, so here is my first Easter card. This bunny makes me think of something that happened many years ago. My son Paul, who was three, cam running into the house with an armfull of beautiful flowers. It turned out he had picked the prize tulips my neighbors had been coddling for years! We returned them together, and the Andersons were kind enough to tell us to keep them, and had us stay for milk and cookies! How's that for an Easter story!!

Her Own Person

I guess this is what comes of spending the day with my 86 year old FEISTY mother. My DH and I went to help her figure out her alarm system, and thankfully, there are 5 days in which she can mess up without calling the police! I called her last night, and she had a problem already, but then she called the company, and it was straightened out!! PHEW! Mom has always been her own person. This stamp even looks like she did when she was a bit younger! I'll check in with her shortly to see how she slept with a security system on...I think it's the best thing we have done for her peace of mind!!
Thanks for looking...have a great day!