Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Two on Tuesday!!

The color challenge today is to use Soft Suede, Teal, and Celery. Great combo, isn't it??

I just got a new cb folder, one of four in a set by Provocraft. The big one is a checkerboard pattern, and this one of bricks (?) has a real Asian feel to it.

I used my markers on Art Of Life, still one of my favorite sets, and crimped a piece of celery, which was the "dessert" of the challenge. I had a great piece of ribbon to match. How cool is that?

This is my entry for MMTPT88. The story is pretty involved, but my response to the story is this:

Frazzle, the rooster at McCoy's Farm is panic-struck to think he may lose his job. Frizzle is out behind the barn teaching the hens to "rap", and their nests are empty. Normally they lay 42,00 eggs, but today there are only 17! Maybe Frazzle needs to learn "rap" to get those girls back where they belong, but everyone knows they lay more eggs when the music is soothing. Here's the RAP for the card (with apologies to your sensibilities).

Behind the barn
Learnin' how to rap
Layin' those eggs
Is really no snap.

Frazzle can't do it.
He needs them girls.
Losin' his job's
The end a his world!

Send Frizzle back.
Fill those nests.
Heck with that rap,
Muzak's the best!!