Saturday, April 10, 2010

QFTD04 Linda (snail)

Anne Ryan's choicce for queen today is Linda, aka snail on SCS. I cased a wonderful card she made of a winter tree at sunset, with a wonderful thin winter fence. I made a few adjustments to make this summer or spring, and punched the fence.

I really liked the simplicity of this card. It has the kind of layout that you could use anytime, and any image in it would work, as long as it would fit.

I hope you like this case of her card....... if you go to my gallery, you can see hers as well. You can also join in, and be sure to congratulate her on this fun honor.

Massachusetts Chickadee

The challenge today is to make something that comes from your home state. At first I thought of "Boston, Boston, home of the bean and the cod, where Cabot's speak only to Lowell's, and Lowell's speak only to God", which really is true!! Then I thought about the Boston Common, and the Swan Boats, and even the walking tour of Old North Church, freedom trail, and historical stuff like that. Nah!!
Mom and I ended up making a card using the SU punch of our state bird, the chickadee. We have a whole bunch of bird feeders (for DH's pets!!), and those little guys flit in and out so fast!! I love their little voices calling "chickadee...dee...dee" all day. I never get tired of it.
So here is our bird. We have never tried this out before, and next time we will make a few adjustments, but it turned out okay. Enjoy the birds wherever you are, and have a fun day!

An award from Lynn

An award passed on from Lynn McAuley. Now I have to tell 10 things that make me happy, and 5 bits of trivia before passing it along to 5 friends.
Family, candy, SCS, new stamps, lunch out with DH, visiting Mom, grands, retirement, hot tub, stamping.
I don't like TV except for sports, I love breakfast ALL DAY, I love HOT foods, don't talk to me before coffee, I don't like to talk on the phone.
Now I send this award to: Stef, Julia, Emily, Joanne, and Mary. Pick up the picture, and tell all!