Monday, May 6, 2013

Erin's 16th birthday!

My beautiful granddaughter, Erin, is sixteen today!!  When she was born we had two grandsons, and although grandsons are fabulous, we saw this awesome baby girl, and went crazy!!

Here are some pictures of her that were taken over the weekend.  She danced on Sunday, and the boyfriend went to encourage her to do well.  I guess it worked!!

Here's our girl in her new dress with her trophies!

She won one first and three seconds out of four dances! WOW!


Here she is with her boyfriend, Bill.  I guess now they call it a "relationship" (but what do I know???)

Isn't he cute? He's a grade ahead of her, a Junior, and they will be going to the Junior Prom on Saturday.  We met Bill last week at Erin's party for her Confirmation (he sat with me in church), and he is just the sweetest guy.

Here is Erin with her mama, our daughter Amy.  Can you tell how proud of Erin she is???  These dance competitions have given Erin a lot of confidence, and they get to spend some time together, just the girls.  Sometimes Erin's two brothers and Dad attend, but the boys get antsy with all the waiting around!

And here at last is the birthday girl, at home, celebrating with her cake. Happy Birthday Erin!!! MWAH!