Monday, September 7, 2009

Now THIS is cute! (Post # 2 today....please look below too!)

Now I know this is NOT a card, but it is so CAS (took 5 minutes to make!), that I thought you should see it! The template is free here: (and there are lots more here too!). The CAS was to use a pop dot, so the flowers are popped up. I still have my headache, but I still have to stamp, don't I????? Bye!

What is this?????

I should have stayed in bed.........I was having terrible nightmares! DH asked what I was dreaming, because I was really thrashing around. He got up, I went back to the same dream! YUCK. I woke up very late with an awful headache. I hope the day improves..........but it didn't in my craft room.
I tried the TLC this morning, which was to press fun foam to make your own stamp. It was to be done with a cb bg, but no matter how much I piled into my 'sandwich' it wouldn't take on much of an impression. In desperation, I heated the foam, and pressed in a new stamp, and used that. I think that may be considered more than a tweak, but that's my story.
I used my pressed piece to make my CAS, and that seemed to go okay. Maybe I will like what I have done more as the day goes on. I would be happy to have some fresh ideas on what to do with this....then again, maybe I should just scrap it and forget it. They are not all winners, right??

Have a wonderful day. Tomorrow is our 46th anniversary, so I guess I'd better get to making a card for DH. Maybe I'll drink my coffee and eat first. TTFN.