Saturday, April 20, 2013

Saturday Morning Inspiration

Our Inspiration Challenge today comes from a site called "My Deco". I chose this beautiful wallpaper for my background, and added three contrasting Memory Box Poppies in soft colors. I finished it off with a white bow. I hope you like it!
We had a wonderful week with two of our grands........Jake (13), and John (12) are cousins, and they enjoy all the same things.  John will eat anything, Jake is picky, but we survived mealtimes!!

They have the upstairs bedroom to themselves (32 feet long!!), and really love it for playing, reading, and watching movies.  The time flew by, and we loved havaing them, but when the house was ours again last night, we all breathed easier. 

Parenting is definitely for the YOUNG......and we sure are NOT!! Have a wonderful weekend, my friends.