Friday, April 24, 2009

RED (of course) Lilies

The LSC at SCS today was to use the colors of a room in your house. All the walls in my house (with 2 exceptions ) are white. My favorite color you know is RED, and I have a room that fits. The fact that it happens to be a bathroom determined that I would use the cb of Tiny Bubbles. Actually, the walls are white there too, but everything else is RED. I also got a chance to use my new set of Nesties Labels. Aren't they delightful??? I love these beautiful lilies, and felt like doing some cutting this morning...and there you have surprise, is it???? Mom is here, and we are having fun playing at cards, and tossing different ideas back and forth...always more fun to be crafting with someone else, especially when they think like you do!!
Have a wonderful day...Spring is finally here...things are sprouting, and tulips are getting tall. Hugs to you all.