Tuesday, September 28, 2010

CC - Hello from the Bees

For some reason I just couldn't fall asleep last night. Luckily, even though there were problems at SCS, I could go to Betty's blog and get the Color Challenge. After making my card, and a posting that I crossed my fingers over, I went back to bed, and sometime after 2 AM, slept.
I love this matching dp from Dejaviews. The only stamping is one of the bees from Blackberries, Sunflower and Bees from MFP.
I have an offer from DH to go with him to his office, and run a few errands, so we will be off for the day.
An update: He is thrilled with the extra space in his office here at home, and my desk probably works out better in another room where it has found a home itself. It also meant a thorough cleaning, which was long overdue!! Have a great day!