Friday, May 8, 2009

May 12th, Kite Day

It's 2 AM, and guess who's not asleep! Thank goodness the challenge was posted. This was a fun one........choose a holiday in May and make a card about it. I found May 12th was Kite Day, and since that's my 65th birthday (YES! I'm officially OLD!), that's what I chose. Also, I had this fabulous FREE digi stamp from Dustin Pike.......he offers a freebie every Wednesday on his website. I love the look on the dragon's face, and there was plenty of room for clouds. The blue and green jumped right out, and you can figure out the rest. I played with the gel pen on the dragon and also the corners.

I will be commenting in the REAL morning after I get back from the podiatrist (see? I said I was OLD!) and have my fascitis checked, and then I'll pack up my stamping stuff for two weeks vacation. (A few clothes, lotsa stamping stuff!) Be back on the 25th, rarin' to go with the challenges again.

Thanks so much for checking in here, and happy Mother's Day hugs to you all.