Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sweet Summer Damask

This is my entry today for the Inspiration Challenge. The site, Serena and Lily, was just full of beautiful things!! I chose a pink damask fabric to work with.

I spent a busy two days with DGS John. We had fun reading, computing, crafting, building with Legos, eating out, and just hanging out. He is ice fishing with Cub scouts today. Because his visit was so short, I promised him more days when he has time.

My $2000.00 (so far!) tooth seems to be holding its own, so if nothing else goes wrong, the next step is a crown. What's that old song...."That's where my money goes....."??? Better to laugh, right?

We had more snow last night, more tonight. I'm so sick of winter!! If you have any good weather, please send some here. Have a good day.