Tuesday, June 15, 2010

RED Roses and Hugs, and a Teapot Poem!

If you know me at all, you know today I am a happy camper. The CC is banana, moss and RED! That makes my whole day!

The roses are stamped on banana, colored with markers and painted, and framed. Wasn't I lucky to have this wonderful striped paper in my stash? Can you imagine the amount of dp I have with some RED in it?? The only pile bigger is white, of course.

Hope you like my card for today. I'll be back in my addict...erm....craft room in a minute to do the Teapot Tuesday challenge too. If you have time, come back later to see. Have a great day!

And now for the zany Teapot Tuesday story: The RED bus and 42,000 pencils.

Do not laugh and do not smirk,
We've been warned by Sgt. Burke.

No more pencils. That's not cool...
Break's the city's littering rule.

Breaking rules, we say, is fun.
On this bus we've just begun.

Burke, he tells us, without fail,
Any more and we're in jail!

In jail we know there is no tea,
Just BARS - hey wait! Sounds good to me!

(I'll have a wine spritzer please!)

(Sincere apologies to Dr. Seuss)