Thursday, April 16, 2009

Embellished Frame

I took this picture, not so you could see the photo, but so you could see the rub-ons I just put on the frame. The challenge this morning was to do something with a frame. I thought, well, that's not for me! As I left my computer, I saw this heavy glass frame that I have had forever, and EUREKA! I had an idea. I have had these rub-ons from SU just sitting, and decided they would be just the thing. I really love how this looks now, and I guess it's not the LAST frame I'll be fooling around with today. If you look really hard, you can see my beautiful seven grandchildren as they looked last 4th of July. Now they are just a little older, but handsomer/prettier! (Do you think this Grandma is a wee bit prejudiced????? YUP!)
I spent three hours fooling around on this computer revamping my blog. If you have been here before, please let me know what you think. Is the bg too distracting? Do you like the additional RED I have placed in it? Should I go back to what I had before?
I am off shortly to PT for plantar's Fascitis...just something else, but really rather minor. Hugs to you all, my friends. Have a fun, creative day!


Cook22 said...

Ummm - I have been here before, but I have to confess my visual memory is atrocious. So I can't compare it to what it used to be because I can't remember, but I don't find your new background distracting, and there certainly isn't too much red.
Goodness, half the time people complain about changes on SCS I can't remember what they've changed from, but other things I remember fine...
Hope you're fully mobile and able to ejnoy New Hampshire next month.

Julia Aston said...

What a super altered frame Anne! Isn't it funny how you think you're not into a challenge and then something triggers and you end up with a great project!

what a super bunch of grandkids you have too!! lucky lady all around!

I've had the plantar thingy and it went away after some exercises and a shoe insert - good luck!

Julia Aston said...

Oh- and forgot to say- Love your new blog design - the great stars aren't interfering at all with the black print so all can be viewed fine from my perspective at least!

Anonymous said...

Oh how gorgeous Anne!! What a fun picture too!! Lovely family!! :) Great new blog design too!!

Joanne Travis said...

I love the look of the new blog background, Anne. It gives the background a little somethin' somethin' without distracting and taking away from your gorgeous cards. Very nicely done, my friend!!