Thursday, May 17, 2018

CCEE1820 Pack Rat Day

This is the day you have dreaded.  My challenge to you is to use paper you have hoarded!!

I have saved this paper........too pretty to cut into.  I couldn't put anything on top of it....I didn't want to hide the beautiful roses and leaves!!

Please join us, linking your card HERE.


  1. Such pretty paper, no wonder you were hoarding it

  2. It certainly is beautiful, Anne! I can see why you would want to keep it!! Love this gorgeous wedding card!!

  3. Wow, wow and WOW!!!! You certainly found a fantastic way to use that beautiful paper, Anne! Love it!

  4. I understand why you didn't want to cover up those beautiful roses. It's funny how we buy patterned paper because it's so pretty and then refuse to cut it up. This was a great challenge, Anne!

  5. pure I know why you have been hoarding.....perfect use of it so we can see its beauty


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