Thursday, May 25, 2017


For Lois's last challenge, she wants us to celebrate our challenge team by representing each of the letters in our name - C-C-E-E.

I used celery, chick, and cameo for the C's
and egg and evergreen for the E's

and made a little's 1 3/4 " X 1 1/4" and 1/2" deep.

Here it is closed...cameo flowers, gold stickle centers, evergreen leaves, and a green brad.

Inside it says "chick's rule!", and the chick is on a spring so it pops up when opened.

Lois, I hope you enjoyed all the cards (and matchbox) I made in your honor with folds!

Please join us, linking your card or project HERE.


  1. Love your little matchbox and the adorable chick inside.

  2. What an adorable little matchbox surprise, Anne!! Beautiful on the outside with a huge smile tucked inside!!

  3. Super cute, love the chick coming out of the box

  4. I adore your little matchbox! And that pop-up chickie is marvelsous!!! Thanks for thinking of me as you were folding all those corners.

  5. Cute as cute can be! Love your little matchbox....sooooo talented, GF!!

  6. Anne, your matchbox is very clever and marvelous!! I love the little chick popping up when the matchbox is opened! Great representation of C.C.E.E.!!!


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