Thursday, November 10, 2016

CCEE1645 Origami

Frances tells us:

"Tomorrow, November 11th is Origami Day.  Let's include something origami on our cards.  It could be a folded shirt, dress, crane, a folded box - whatever you like."

I made an origami doll, following this SCS tutorial.  At first I went to Pinterest, and tried a bat, then a frog, and ended up more confused than when I started!!!  This one looks so easy, but it's NOT!!!

If you are brave, join us, and link your origami piece to our blog HERE.


  1. Haven't seen the others yet, but I'd say you win the prize! My gosh, how the heck did you do that!!! I absolutely love aced it, GF!

  2. How fabulous, Anne! I love your wonderful doll and fun fortune cookie! Your papers are so pretty!

  3. This challenge was challenging for me. I love your fortune cookie. A great design, Anne.

  4. Congratulations on figuring out the doll! You did a great job.

  5. some origami is definitely not easy!!!! Love your oriental doll


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