Thursday, September 4, 2014

CCEE1436 Newspaper

Lois Bak is our hostess for the month of September.  Since she told us today is Newspaper Carrier Day, she challenged us to use newsprint on our cards.

We stopped subscribing to a delivered paper in favor of receiving the news on line.  Our landfill doesn't need any more!!  So.....I printed up something and used it as my newsprint.  I hope I don't hear the stamping police!  Here's what I made:

Please join us HERE, and join us again next week for another challenge.


  1. I quit the written newspaper too, Anne. Enough news on TV!

    I love your little RED airplane and that matching sentiment!

  2. love the print look on the plane - Maryann

  3. Love this cute card. Like your alterations to the challenge. We have cut make to only taking the paper a few days a week.

  4. Your RED plane is perfect! My aunt gets her paper delivered daily, but like you I get most of my news online. I pick up a freebie paper on the way to work most days, though, to do the crossword and Sudoku. But being free and pretty downmarket it took going through two papers to find the words I needed; maybe I should have just let my Newspaper Owl count!!

    Thank you (and your mom) so much for the happy mail today - what a lovely card. I opened it in the car while I was waiting for the library to open - I think I managed to collect any of the dress forms that fell out before I realised they were there, LOL. I'm sure DH will tell me if I didn't.

  5. Super cute design with your red newsprint plane and negative space clouds!! Fabulous work, Anne!

  6. Cute card, Anne! Love your RED airplane!

  7. haven't you heard...the stamping police are banned from this challenge team.....we are a flexible group who deviate a bit now and harm, no your newsprint airplane


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