Monday, August 25, 2014

Classes with Dina Wakley!!

I spent the weekend (all day Saturday and Sunday) at Absolutely Everything in Topsfield MA.  I took three classes taught by Dina Wakley, Strong and Powerful Women, Beyond the Inkpad, and Making Faces.

Here is Kate (store owner) and Dina (on the right) before class.
I was talked into the class (didn't take much!) by my friend, Julia Aston (here with Dina) and Dina with me.

Dina is a talented (and crazy) person, full of fun, and covered with all kinds of paint.
Julia and I started out clean and pretty neat, but soon looked like her.
Dina brought all kinds of supplies with her, and we added our own, and by the time we were not far into it, we had our spots at our tables completely full.

Here's my Art Journal with some of the things we learned:

Beyond the ink pad......stamps and stencils and ink and paint and gesso.......

For the class on strong and beautiful women, these are pages created from the bottom layer up.....gesso, paint, stencils, stamps, dressing, like paper dolls (using painted deli paper and chinese rice paper). We inked up Dina's new stamps!

The class on Sunday was arduous, to say the least.  We spent six hours learning to draw faces (some with success, some not), and color them.  We used paint, sumi Calligraphy paint, india ink, Ranger stains,  Stabili art pencils, and color blocking.  Here are some of my results.

First we were told to draw a face.  Mine is awful.....but wait until you see the pages from the end of the class.

Mine don't look like Dina's faces, but neither did anyone else's.  Here are some of the pages of those sitting around me:

And here's one of Dina's!!

At the end we played "Show and Tell", and what a perfect ending.........Kate with her book, and Dina!


  1. Great post Anne! we sure had fun and learned a lot - AND got paint all over! Dina was the best!

  2. holy moly! these are fantastic! amazing what we learn in our "old age"!!! and you look fabulous!

    hugs :)

  3. wow....I know a real you were tired, but inspired at the end.....

    I miss Mystic Stamp and Stitch which was only 30 minutes away and brought in fabulous artists from major stamp companies......she only had a tiny little classroom, so the classes were small and you really felt lke you were getting private lessons.....all my local stamp stores have pretty much closed....there is one, but it doesn't seem to have regular hours, so I really don't go cuz I never know if she is open....

    how fun to share the day with glad you had a fab time...thx for sharing


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