Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sparkle Background

Back to Winter.  the card, not the weather (yet).  the challenge was to make a card with sparkle, and this is sure it.  I must tell you that the brad in the middle of the flake is white and sparkly.  It was very hard to take the photo today.

My sweet Son-in-law is coming today to pick up all the gifts my DD had delivered here.  YAY!  I get my sunporch back!  He's bringinig two gift cards my DD picked up for me, so that finishes up the shopping for this year.  DOUBLE YAY!

We are having a very low-key Christmas.  I've done none of my Swedish baking or cooking.  My hands are just not up to the task (and confidentially I had no enthusiasm to do it), so it will be regular food.  Some will care, but food is food, and we are all good eaters.

Have a safe and happy holiday.  Much love to you all from our house.


Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

gorgeous. i'll take sparkle anytime! yeah, as much as i like the kids here, i like the quiet and my space better - LOL.

merry, merry christmas!

hugs :)

Julia Aston said...

A beautiful sparkly snow flake card Anne! I don't blame you for not doing the baking with your poor achy hands! - and the most important thing is the gathering of family and friends! Happy Christmas to you, Jay and Evelyn!

Audrey Ann said...

This is beautiful - and oh so sparkly!! It's nice sometimes to do the quiet low-key thing - glad you enjoyed it.