Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pictures from the NH Convention

Julia Aston (artystamper) and I spent the weekend in Manchester NH at the CK Scrapbook Convention as demos for Rubbernecker stamps.  We spent Friday on our feet from 9 to 6, and we were really tired.

I was demoing The Beach, a Kittie Kit, making samples and chatting with those who were stampers and scrappers as well.  I really enjoyed meeting so many wonderful and creative women (and a few men too!).  This is my stamping area..pic taken by Julia.
Here is Julia, and this time I took the picture.  She was demonstrating what could be done with sponging and masking beautiful sets of baskets and vases full of flowers.  On Saturday, we worked from 9 to 5, and by the end of the convention, we were EXHAUSTED.  We had a wonderful time, but we were glad to go home to our own beds, and have our feet up!

Dave, the Rubbernecker stamps owner, was delighted to tell us we were responsible for breaking all the previous numbers of sales by almost DOUBLE. I guess we did well for him.  We're doing it again in June in Springfield MA.  I think we're just gluttons for punishment!!  Thanks Julia for a great weekend, my friend!!


Joanne (jojot) said...

OMG.......OMG.......I am hoping to get to the Big E show.....if we don't meet before then, could happen fun.....

Lynn McAuley said...

How awesome, Anne!! Congratulations on a job well done for Rubberneckers!

Bev Gerard said...

Love seeing your happy photos, Anne! Next time Dave brings RN to Texas ... come on down!

:) Bev