Thursday, February 17, 2011

5 Minute cards!

Two silhouette cards today, and each took 5 minutes. We are off to Mom's for the day, and are about to leave, but I just had to post. I think they both came out great........hope you do too.

Both are for the WT 310, and the pansies are for StampinB's. Have a great day.


  1. oh these are gorgeous. i love those easy cards.

    hugs to mom too!

  2. Love both silhouettes Anne! the white pansies look wonderful against the purple and the birds and branch look so elegant against the white! hope you had fun at Mum's!

  3. Fabulous five minute cards! Sounds like a good challenge blog theme don't you think? I definitely need lessons from you on making a card in five minutes or less! Hope your day with your Mom was a good one!

  4. Anne, I LOVE that bird card...I'm a bird fanatic and have made several cards lately featuring them. Of course, I love the embossed, white pansies against the purple. Just beautiful!

  5. Love all the cards... cannot believe that they took such a short while. Verrry nice!

    xxx Monica


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