Sunday, November 14, 2010


We had a wonderful week in New Hampshire. The leaves were gone, but the weather was perfect, and we really relaxed......then it was home to return to our retirement. How cool is that???

I was just in time for the FS today, so made this card from two MFP sets, Snowman Country (image), and Christmas Postage Due (saying).

My hand is healing slowly, still painful, but the swelling is mostly down, just a left-over hematoma to deal with. I have limited movement, but have faith it will return!

Glad to be home!!


Julie said...

Super cute snow-woman card! Love the pink bow and pink trim. Great colors!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back friend!! LOVE the pink in your creation here!! Gorgeous details and glad to hear your hand is on the mend!!HUGS

Julia Aston said...

Welcome back GF!! wow - you're hand is still painful?! hope it gets better soon!?! what a fun card with pink!