Saturday, September 25, 2010

RED Rudolph

Is there such a thing as too much RED! Have I gone over the edge??? This week, I have done three white/RED combinations in a row. Are you sick of them yet???

The IC today comes from a German company that makes all kinds of interesting pieces to use for inspiration. If you go to my gallery on SCS by visiting my sidebar, you can see all the particulars. No need of reiteration here.

Have a great day, and PLMK what you think. Is it toomuch???


  1. Anne, I really do not think there is such a thing as too much red! I have four very RED rooms in my home and they all make me happy happy whenever I walk into them! Your RED deer is too cool and the design fabulous!

  2. That deer looks like he is blushing! Super CUTE!

  3. Yes - it's TOO MUCH! we need to have the color police come to your house and counsel you on the value of the other 7 colors in the rainbow that are feeling very sadly neglected by you!! LOL!! other than that - I love your RED reindeer card GF!!


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