Monday, August 23, 2010

Success for Sam!

This is Sam's vacation time at Grammy and Grampy's .... a few days before school starts.

She had wonderful luck, or maybe it isn't luck but talent, at doing the Technique Lover's Challenge at SCS. (Mine is in the trash!)

Here is her card, and a picture of her at 13 so you can see how pretty she is!! She welcomes your comments, and so do I.


wendyp said...

Beautiful job!!! Changito is looking cool with all decked out in glitter!

Joanne Travis said...

So beautiful!! I see artistic talent runs in the family!

maryr917 said...

great technique card that sam created-I love the changito images-
she is really a pretty girl anne-my first granddaughter is coming in december

Wanda Cullen said...

Well, Sam did better than I did! I looked at the technique and gave up before I even started. What a cute monkey with his 'sparkling' personality!

Auntie Del's Garden said...

Beautiful card & smile, Sam. She's definitely got your "creativity" gene.

Auntie Del's Garden said...

I see Sam has your "creativity" gene. Beautiful card & smile, Sam!