Friday, February 19, 2010

Ribbon and Trim

I think you can figure out the ribbon used here. The TRIM part is such fun! Trim refers to border punches..... I just got the MS Lattice punch, so I used it twice, on each edge to make a full lattice. Since I was using a new punch, I also just got the MS butterfly, so this is here too.

Looks pretty simple, but it took about an hour to make. Guess an easy idea takes more time. Once I get the hang of this punch it will go faster. Thanks for looking today, and for your nice comments (it sure encourages me!!). Have a good one!


  1. nope. doesn't look simple at all. but it does look GORGEOUS!!!!!

  2. looks like a pretty trellis... can you make a bigger one for my house???

  3. Well, aren't you clever! This is just lovely---I can't grow roses worth a hoot, so this would be an easier way for me to enjoy them! Your butterfly is pretty, too! And thank you for all the nice comments on SCS about my cards lately! Sometimes I just feel like they're blah, but you always make me feel special!

  4. hi grammy

    love ur cards 2day

    DGD Erin

  5. This punch is perfect for a trellis!! How creative Anne!! I love your colors, the dimension, and all the flowers and butterfly. Beautiful design!

  6. Fabulous my creative friend!! Love the teeny roses on your lattice work, the butterfly is perfect!

  7. omgosh, this is gorgeous Anne!!!
    Brilliant way to show off your lovely roses!
    Blessings, Maria

  8. looks like a summer trellis with the roses in full bloom...gorgeous


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