Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Day of Bling (2 Posts)

For the WT259, the theme was lace, and I had this wonderful image of a lace flower that needed some ink. Little did I know this would end up two whole hours of trial and error... and mostly error (and trial too!)

Nothing seemed to work together. You should see my work table!! Things are stacked so that there isn't room to add a caraway seed!!!

I'm pleased with the results, but will NEVER make this again. I would thank Julia for the challenge, but I'm too exhausted to even do that. I'll go lie down now, with a cold cloth on my forehead, and even though it's WAY too early for a glass of wine, I may just consider it anyhow! Have a great day..........don't call me, I'll be resting!

Oh. Don't forget to chect out the THT038 below. Seeya.


Anonymous said...

2 posts girl?!! You are on a roll!! :) WOW!! LOVE that plaid BG!! Such a gorgeous card!! HUGS

Julia Aston said...

You crack me up with your glass of wine and cold cloth Anne!! But I know what you mean - some cards just can't come out and, for me, it's often the ones that I thought would be 'one, two and done!'

No matter the road - this one came out just lovely and worth the trip! love that lacey flower and the leaves, and pretty punched edge!

Joanne (jojot) said...

I just love this lacey flower....has a feel of vintage

Crystal said...

WOW Girl LOVE this Anne!

Christi said...

Both of your cards today are gorgeous!!!