Thursday, December 31, 2009

Time for two challenges WT215 and THT030 Piercing

Happy New Year, Everyone!!

First, here is my card for the WT251 today. The theme is time. How appropriate this is for today, as our grandson Justin goes home to Nevada this afternoon. We didn't have enough TIME with him. He will be back in the summer, but the summer is a long TIME away. My card is comprised of a number of backgrounds, and I think I ended up with an interesting and masculine card.

Here is the picture I took of my "guys" last night in DS's kitchen. Keep in mind my son Paul is 6'8" tall. Justin is 17, Jake is 10, and my DH is .......well, let's just say height runs in his family. His age is another matter!

We will see Justin one last time today before his plane takes off this afternoon. Paul and Jake and our sweet DIL, Debbie, will see him off, then return for the rest of the afternoon. Deb and I will be crafting in the kitchen, and they will stay for dinner and probably cards. We are supposed to get some snow. DH has said that if they stay over, he will make popovers in the morning. Debbie LOVES popovers, and DH makes them for her. Can you tell how we feel about her????

Now to the next challenge for the day ...............

The THT030 this week is to use PIERCING. As you can see, the left top corner has been subjected to my Mat Pack (SU!) and piercer. I have to use something as a guide....apparently I can't keep a straight line without help!

Don't you just LOVE Olivia the owl??? I pieced her body and scarf. She has pink eyes and toes. She is very girly!! That's why she's sitting in a tree with pretty flowers, not just leaves, on the branches. She also deserves a flourished corner, because girls just wanna have fun!!

Please join us in the TreeHouse Thursday challenge. Wouldn't hurt to use Treehouse Stamps, either. Be sure to put THT030 in your keyword for PCP or SCS. We have a challenge every Thursday, so check back again next week
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  1. oh she's girly alright and i love it!

    a very happy, joyous and truly blessed new year to you and yours my friend.


  2. A very girly girl and I love her, especially her pink eyes, can't beat the totally co-ordinated look LOL! A lovely spring looking card Anne and just what we need at the moment. Have a very happy new year my friend and I look forward to seeing all your wonderful creations of 2010. Chris :)

  3. Such a cute cd - LOVE the googly eyes! Have a Happy New Year, my friend!

  4. WOW Anne these are GREAT!!!!! I just love both your creations...!!!! Thanks for all your support on my blog this year!! I wish you and your family many blessings in 2010!!! Happy NEW YEAR!

  5. What a good looking family Anne! I know how you feel. When the kids are home we never have enough time. Sigh. Love both your cards today! That owl is a hoot!;-) And I love that you knew it was Heddy Lamarr on my card today. Bet not too many knew that!! Happy New Years to you and yours!! Hugs!!

  6. Super awesome cards, Anne, and your guys are mighty fine looking!!! I can't imagine having a child 6'8" boys were lucky to reach 5'8"...LOL!!! Have a great time tonight...see ya next year!!!

  7. your cards are great, but your true talent/blessing is your wonderful family...thanks for sharing them with us....we can feel the love

  8. your cards are great, but your true talent/blessing is your wonderful family...thanks for sharing them with us....we can feel the love

  9. Olivia is really stylin' today, Anne! She's beautimous! You've got some handsome menfolk there, too, my friend. Our son is 6'4"; your son would make our son look short! Yikes!!!
    Thanks for your friendship and such a great year of inspiration and laughter, Anne. You're one of the best!
    Happy, Happy New Year and many blessings to you and yours!

  10. These are just terrific, Anne! Happy New Year to you!


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