Thursday, November 12, 2009

Two Faux's!!!

Good afternoon Today we took our last trip to scrap/stamp stores. This trip was very disappointing. I bought nothing!!! But DH walked around patiently, and was so surprised when I said, "Let's go!". We ate out (I had fabuous stuffed haddock and some COLD wine.....wonderful).

Back at our condo, I combined two challenges: the WT, which was Faux Texture, and the new tutorial on the home page, Faux Bricks (thanks Birgit!!) For the texture, I brought in a pinecone from the ground...they are everywhere in NH!... and squeezed it to get out all the seeds. Then I rolled it in Suede ink on white paper. The rest you can figure out just by looking. No more car trips....we'll be reading, eating, resting, and one of us will be stamping and doing crossword puzzles and sudokos. See you tomorrow.


Crystal said...

WOW Very cool!!! Awesome job with this challenge Anne...What a darling owl!!

Francie G. said...

This is fabulous, Anne! Love that wonderful owl! I've been wanting to try this tech! Thanks for the inspiration! Sounds like you and DH are having a marvelous time! Good for you, GF!

Chris Olsen, Glowbug said...

What an awesome take on the faux texture challenge!! Love the bricks, the monochromatic colors, and that sweet owl!

TexasGrammy said...

Clever girl!!
I've done many things with our pine cones in the past, but I have 'never' thought to 'stamp' with one of them! Woweeee!


Anonymous said...

Now this looks like a really fun technique!! What a fab job you've done with it too!! HUGS

Joan Ervin said...

The brick wall you created is really cool looking and the perfect background for the little owl and the branch...beautifully done, Anne, and with limited supplies, are amazing, gf!!!