Thursday, October 15, 2009

2nd post today.......WT Leaves

For the WT today, the theme was leaves. I have been working on making a bunch of cards for the Fall, so this fit right in. I was really foolish in thinking I could just whip off a CD case. I hadn't done one in a long time, and it took forever of course. My carft table will take an hour to clean up. I used just about everything I own (well not really!) I have posted the two sides so you can see front and back, and I hope you like it. This one will go to my MOM, who loves shaker cards. I think you can see in the front picture that the sequin leaves are free-floating. I had planned to do a pocket card (thanks Wendybell!) for her as a surprise, but she was here, and wormed it out of me. Both my DD and Mom are able to do that!! Enough. Thanks for visiting. Have a creative and fun day.


  1. This is so cool! I have never decorated a CD case...what a fun idea!

  2. What a creative take on today's challenge Ann!! Love it!!!

    We are having snow here right now. So much for Fall!

  3. Very pretty creations hun!! Love the Fall colors and the leaves of course!! ;)

  4. Beautiful creations Anne!!! The fall colors are FANTASTIC!

  5. WOW, did a wonderful job on the CD case...sooo many gorgeous details!!!! The colors are beautiful and I just love all the leaves!!! We are still having 80-90 degree weather so I guess Fall will have to wait around here!!


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