Friday, August 7, 2009

Sage is food, right?

The challenge today was to use only food colors and a food as a theme. I figure a take-out box of rice covers the theme, and I used Vanilla and Sage as colors. They are spices, but I think they are food too, aren't they? My friend Heather K. (tankgrl) sent me the template for the box, and I just love it! Thanks, GF!

Mom arrives this morning for the weekend. We are planning a quick trip to Ink About It, then back here for a day with son Paul and family. Tomorrow we go to DGD's Irish Step-Dancing Competition, then to friends' for dinner. In between, mom and I will make....oh....maybe some cards!!

Have a great weekend, and thanks for stopping by. Hugs to all.


Anne said...

Brilliant Anne! I love it! That box is ingenious, how fun and perfect for this challenge!!

Thank you SO SO much for the amazing BRAK!!! Girl, your talent just blows me away, the detail and perfection on your cards is amazing. I am honored to own another of your awesome art pieces!! Hugs!!

Connie said... fun is this card, Anne!! Oh yes...sage is a spice, you eat it, therefore, it is food!! :)

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

fantastic! i just love it!


Charlene Merrick (LilLuvsStampin) said...

I must agree with Anne on your brilliant idea to use the rice with the Chinese take-out box! This is awesome, Ann!

I use to work with a lady who performed and taught Irish Step-Dancing----what a work out that is and so cool to watch.

Have fun with your mom!

Grace said...

Oh Anne.... so glad I found your blog... I'm just surprised the bg isn't RED! Loved today's fun card... I definitely think sage is food! I grow it and eat it, therefore it's food! LOL! Love your blog! Love your fun outlook! I have some blog candy on my blog right now you might want to check out! Good to see you!

Joan Ervin said...

Looks like ya got all the bases covered, all looks like food to me...except the beautiful paper in the's tooo pretty to eat!!!!! What an awesome design, Anne!!!!! Have fun with your Mom and I hope your DGD wins!!!

Julia Aston said...

I LOVE this Chinese takeout box Anne! and that DP is wonderful! hey - you need to let me know when you are going to the Step dancing!!! is it always in Saugus???? I'd love to go if I'm around - AND get to meet you too - and maybe mum!!?? and hey - you went to Ink About it without me?@~?~?~?

Stamp Muse said...

This is brilliant, indeed, Anne! Love that take out box ... and your rice, sage and vanilla!