Friday, June 12, 2009

DDC, LSC224 A Jay for Jay

Ah! Being back home is wonderful! My knees are killing me, my back is sore, and my hand is swollen from emptying part of the attic so Mom could have a place to put her decorations and dolls so she could put bookcases (which I put together...6 of them!) in her craft room. Now she has room to see her stamps. She will probably move them around for a few weeks until she get comfy, but now has a place for everything.
This card is for two challenges. First, for the DDC, Bev (beestamper) gave us a layout to follow with no other directions. Easy peasy. Join us this week by putting DDC in your keyword. I used this layout for the LSC today, the requirements were as follows: water and sand colors, with ribbon, piercing, and brads. The card needs a little explanation. It's for my DH, Jay, for Father's Day. He is a bird LOVER. We have all different kinds of feeders in our yard (and plenty of bird doo), and a place to put peanuts for the Blue Jays. They make a lot of noise, but are really fun to watch. They are VERY picky about which peanut to take....they shake them, and decide which seems fuller! Who says they are bird brains????? Anyway, this card really works for him......from colors to theme!
Thanks for looking, and hugs to you all.


  1. Fun card! I get lots of Blue Jays at my feeders, too. We actually have gotten them stuck in some of our feeders--some special glass jar ones my FIL made---boy, do they get MAD!!!! They can get it but can't figure out how to get back out!! LOL!
    Anyway, this is a wonderful card, and he'll love it!

  2. This is stunning, Anne!! Love the bottom of your image panel! Those stars are perfect too!

  3. oh you poor thing, u must be so sore. but it hasn't hurt your crafting any. this is - without a doubt - beautiful.


  4. great birdie....great story......learned something new about peanuts....tfs

  5. super challenge card Anne! love that bird and the colors you used (what no red?!?!?) just shows how versatile you can be!


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