Friday, March 13, 2009

Great Minds and an OOPS!

I hope my day gets better! I started off badly by falling back to sleep and having WEIRD dreams. Then I checked out the LSC, and made this card (with thanks to Chat for the layout!). As I posted it in the gallery, I realized I had blown it.....It had a bug (bee), there was no dp (only cb - Swiss Dots), but it was to be NO MORE THAN 4 LAYERS. The Layer Police may be after me today. I hope you like this enough to forgive me. And...I hope my day gets better!


Stef H: (Illinois, US) said...

And that's another reason I don't go back to sleep. Man, I'm glad it's not just me!!!

Can you believe I've been on this computer since 5:15 this morning and I can't get anything done???? That's just reading emails and Dashboard!!! YIKES!

Nope. I won't tell the layer police. Tell me, what size env. do you put this in??? This is beautiful. That image is really cute!

jacque4u2c said...

Well thankfully I am not the layer police because I would have to let you go - because you more then made up for using to many layers in the way your put everything together - it is just to cute!

JulieA said...

LOL, I hope your day gets better. It's a very cute card. If the layer police come after you, just claim creative frenzy syndrome. :-)

Big Sky Paper and Design said...

What an adorable image! Such a cute card!Great layout! Me too, I added a few extra layers on my card today as well for this challenge:-)