Thursday, January 22, 2009

Can't come fast enough

Spring can't come fast enough for me. I am tired of Winter, and here it is, only the middle of January! BLEAH! No more Winter themed cards for me....I am moving on!
Today I covered two challenges with one card....The WT was to add some pizazz to patterned paper. I chose this fabulous K & Co. flowered print, and added Dazzling Diamonds with a glue pen.
The other challenge was the DDC (Doubledog Dare), hosted this week by Michelle (sf9erfan). The challenge was to case a card from the old catty, and change at least two things. I have put the catty card next to mine so you can see what changed.
As I look out the window beside me at all the snow, I have to remind myself that I am so fortunate not to have to live under a bridge somewhere. I complain (a lot, says DH), but I am so grateful to be safe and warm. Aren't we the lucky ones!! Thanks for looking today, my friends.


Beverly aka beestamper said...

Indeed, we are all blessed. I was feeling sorry for myself that I had to fork out $320 to fix something on the van that I can't even *see*!! But, at least I have reliable transportation and a van that is paid for.. old and reliable!
Welcome to the blogdom! I am so excited to learn you have started a blog!
ps... I hope you got to go out today and drive around! I can't imagine. I had no idea you had not be driving since your surgery..

Stef H: (Illinois, US) said...

This is beautiful. Love that flower.

Thanks for your nice comment on my Rock 'N' Roll and .... I seriously doubt that you're "much older" than I am. At this stage, who cares anyway!

Nice to have you blogging and as my friend.

Joan Ervin said...

This is sooo gorgeous, Anne!!! I love the soft, pretty colors and the sparklie flower and leaves!!! It was in the 70's here today and tomorrow it is going to be in the 80's...I think you need to come visit me to get out of all that cold weather!!!

Julia Aston said...

This is so pretty Anne! love that big flower and your very springy DP!