Saturday, April 10, 2010

Massachusetts Chickadee

The challenge today is to make something that comes from your home state. At first I thought of "Boston, Boston, home of the bean and the cod, where Cabot's speak only to Lowell's, and Lowell's speak only to God", which really is true!! Then I thought about the Boston Common, and the Swan Boats, and even the walking tour of Old North Church, freedom trail, and historical stuff like that. Nah!!
Mom and I ended up making a card using the SU punch of our state bird, the chickadee. We have a whole bunch of bird feeders (for DH's pets!!), and those little guys flit in and out so fast!! I love their little voices calling "chickadee...dee...dee" all day. I never get tired of it.
So here is our bird. We have never tried this out before, and next time we will make a few adjustments, but it turned out okay. Enjoy the birds wherever you are, and have a fun day!


  1. LOVE how you made that birdie a chickadee, Anne! Great look! Beautiful colors and design! Great story, too!

  2. SOOOO Pretty love the stamped bg and the beautiful bow!!!

  3. Ohh I just walked down memory lane of my time in boston 18 months ago, thanks for the reminder of all the wonderful things in Boston, glad you chose the chickadee, what a gorgeous little fella you made there, way to go!

  4. i love listening to the birds - except at 4:30 in the a.m. outside my window - lol!

    this is a beauty.

    our state bird is the cardinal. sometimes their red is just gorgeous!

  5. I LOVE this! I love birds, too! Have you seen these on Kristin's blog:

    LOTS of birds!

  6. I really like how you made a chickadee with this bird punch. This is a great card anne. I love watching the birds at our feeders-I am going to listen the next time I see the chickadees. I have never heard the sound you mentioned.

  7. Oh how very clever of you girly!! I LOVE how you turned the label die vertical! AWESOME design!


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