Friday, December 11, 2009

Happy New Year!

I hope you don't mind another card for the challenge .... I was having withdrawal symptoms from a lack of using RED.

Maybe you can tell I'm tired of making Christmas cards.......I feel like I've been doing them for months.......wait, I have!!

This is a little change of pace, to make New Year's cards. I thought the idea of stars went right with it. Thanks for looking, and I promise I'm done for today. PROMISE.


  1. Oh Anne, this is just adorable!! Love the fun star "fetti" coming from the horn!! :) Too cute!! HUGS

  2. This is just so cute! I just love that little cloud!!!

  3. absolutely fabulous.

    i, too, am tired of making xmas cards!!!! but i still need some - you know - one comes in, one goes out. ugh!


  4. This is sooo cute, Anne, and it's RED...whoohoo!!!!! Now I know all is right with the world!!!


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