Wednesday, April 15, 2009

You're Grand!

Didja think I'd forgotten all about my favorite color??????? Well, here it is, with my other favorites. I am the hostess for the Doubledog Dare this week, and I dared the group to make a card in these colors. I hope some of you will join in the fun of the DDC....just put those letters in your keyword so we can find your beautiful entry on SCS! This was also for the SC today. I really love Wednesdays....and I love to combine the challenges if I can.
Went to the foot Dr. yesterday for the first time, and found out my heel problem is fixable. I'm off to PT again, and hope to be comfortable walking again soon. These may be the Golden Years, but I find myself at the Dr. and the Hospital more often than I would like! (Once is too many times, right?) I go on vacation in May for two weeks in New Hamshire with Mom full time, and DH part-time, and would like to be able to walk around! Cross your fingers.
Have a wonderful day. The sun is shining, but it's cold, and the wind blows. Spring, where are you?????


  1. Hi ya Anne!! This is so gorgeous!! Very classy looking!! Love the touch of red as well!! :)

  2. Gorgeous card! I mean gorgeous. Love that piano!!!!

    My DH says... "If you want to see what friends have been up to, hang out in the hospital waiting room. YOu'll be surprised how many you'll see"! Hmmm, does he have a point here? Glad your heel is "fixable" and YOU WILL BE FINE! I say so!


  3. Hey, girlfriend...your DDC card is GORGEOUS!!!! I love the piano and how you added the bling to the chandelier...soooo elegant!!! I'm sorry about your foot...hope it's better soon!!! With all the repair work you have had done, you should be good for another 20,000 miles, for sure!!!

  4. Love, love, love this wonderful card Anne! the bling, piano and chandelier are just super - and your favorite colors work so well on this! Gosh - I know what you mean about our bodies falling apart just when we are supposed to be having fun!!! I feel your pain! hope you are hopping about by the time you and mum go up north!! AND I hope the sun comes out and warms up the air by then!!!

  5. Oh how bautiful, Anne! I just love these images, and the RED bling! :)

  6. I love your classicly elegant card, Miss Anne!

  7. This is gorgeous Anne! I love the red heart bling! Your new blog bkg looks fabulous!

    P.T. should help w/ the plantar fasciitis! I hope it gets better quick!


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