Thursday, June 12, 2014

CCEE1424 June Roses

June is the month when roses begin to bloom. I challenged the group to make a card with a lot of roses.  Here's mine:

I took this picture against a sheet of white paper so you could see that the color is vanilla. The roses are, of course, RED and pale yellow.

Please feel free to join us, linking your card to our BLOG.


  1. Classic card, love the red roses - Maryann

  2. Anne, I love this beautiful card and your wonderful little arrangement of roses.

  3. This is beautiful, Anne! Your red roses really pop against the white.

  4. Such an elegant design with your beautifully framed sentiment and gorgeous swag of roses! An exquisite card, Anne!

  5. This is absolutely, positively beautiful, Anne...'nuff said!


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