Thursday, August 15, 2013

CCEE1333 Brick Wall

Our hostess Vicky Challenged us to make a BRICK WALL.  There is a tutorial at SCS HERE showing how to do it.

This is actually my second attempt.  The first went right into the trash.  I asked my mother how she liked it, and she just wrinkled her nose.

I wish I had left the mouth alone on the little Magnolia.  She was much better without it, but ah, well.

Please join us this week, and every week, linking your card HERE.  Be sure to check out the whole design teams efforts!


  1. Oh, how cute, Anne, I love how you have Tilda sitting on your brick wall.

  2. I know all too well about first attempts winding up in the trash!!! Your card is adorable. Her mouth is fine.

  3. Tilda looks so coy sitting there! Love your wall, Anne!

  4. Anne,
    Such an adorable card. I had to smile, because you drew a mouth on your Magnolia image. I do the very same thing - I can't stand the images w/out a mouth!!

  5. my Santa was MY second attempt too....the first one would have worked if I wanted a misshapen, uber large love the way you created a brick wall with the brick wall effect

  6. LOL on adding the mouth - personally I think she looks better with it. And gosh, isn't the wall just a perfect setting for her - well done you.
    I'm also laughing at your mother wrinkling her nose at your first attempt - I sometimes get a similar reaction from DH, and don't you just know it's back to the drawing-board time!


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