Friday, March 8, 2013

here it is............

here's my new cast.......and as a background, the t-shirt i received as a surprise from my friend jojot aka joanne grzelak in ct.

do you think she knows me - and that i will stamp no matter what my condition?

i've been stamping for most of the days since my surgery for arthritis in my thumb (arthroplasty), and since this is my 2nd time, it's easier - not less painful, but it's my left hand which doesn't do much anyway.

thanks to all of you for talking me into the red cast again, and for your get well wishes.  hugs.


  1. HA HA...that Joanne is a character. Love your shirt and I've noticed you've missed very little stamping...maybe DURING surgery and that's about it. The RED cast looks super!

  2. Jo is too funny - adorable shirt! And, your cast is a beautiful shade of red - perfect for you!!

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