Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Teapot Tuesday and CC

 The CC today was to use the Primary colors, Blue, Yellow and RED.  The dessert was to make a school related card.  Since we have teachers in the family, and 2 Granddaughters starting High School, and one Grandson entering Middle School, someone will get this to spur them on to good things.

The pencil I cut out, sort of freehand, but don't look too closely!  The sentiment is from MFP - Poppies Poppies Poppies.  Whew!  I wish that title was shorter!

Below is my card for Teapot Tuesday.  We were to make a card relating to birds in a cage.  I had this wonderful dp, and couldn't figure out how to add a bird to it, and still have it show, so a butterfly worked better (I think someone let all the birds out of the cages!).   This card will go to a friend of a stamper who needs some cheering.
That's it for today.  Mom and I are off later today to her house.  She has her Dr. appt. for her 3 mo. check-up after a minor stroke.  She's been doing really well.  We'll be back home on Thursday, so have a great couple of days.  Hugs to you all.


  1. somehow I think I missed that teapot card....gonna have to go back to SCs......such a beauty I would remember....fab School themed card for the CC

  2. I love both these cards anne-such a fun back to school card-the pencil is super impressive
    you teapot tuesday card is gorgeous-and the dp is beautiful-no wonder you didnt want to cover it up
    hope mom has a good report from doctor

  3. You know I love your pencil card but the bird cage and butterfly is especially elegant and so pretty! Glad your mom is doing better! You're such a good daughter to take her into your home!

  4. Well, well, well~! A double-dose of oh-so-cool I see! Both of these are marvelous ... and sure to be treasured by their recipients!


  5. I love the little flower punch that you use on a lot of your cards, and you used it on the card where the butterfly is coming out of the bird cage. Can you tell us what punch that is?


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