Tuesday, April 5, 2011

No Mojo.

This is a sneak peek of a new set that will be released next week by MFP, called In My Mother's Garden.

I have no mojo today. It's a dark and rainy day, and I have no get up and go. Maybe the day will get better.........but at the moment, no mojo. Sorry.


  1. What a cute watering can that is... love the lush red flowers on it. The red flowers on top look so becoming as well. Sweet sentiment to go along.

    xxx Monica

  2. I've been without mojo for a week....hoping it comes back soon! Leaving Sunday for a trip to Nashville & Memphis! That watering can is gorgeous and your coloring is awesome....

  3. Gloomy days tend to have that effect on me as well! Love the watering can image!

  4. So pretty, Anne! Love the image! Wonderful embossed background!

  5. Lovely job with the watering can, the flowers are gorgeous and I love the clouds in the BG and the way the flowers carry to the top of the sentiment!


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